Didascalia of the Apostles


PENANCE The book of The Shepherd by Hermas (written in Rome in the mid-second century) mentioned baptism as the unique way for the remission of sins. But for Christians who committed a great sin after baptism, there is the metanoia or penance. Tertullian in the beginning of the third century published the first treatise On …

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Apostolic Constitutions

APOSTOLIC CONSTITUTIONS A vast canonical and liturgical work circulated in Christian antiquity under this name from the end of the fourth century, but without the name of the author. It is a reworking from several sources, composed by a Syrian. Books 1-6 have as their base the DIDASCALIA, which is here adapted to contemporary institutions, …

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Abu Ishaq Ibn Fadlallah

ABU ISHAQ IBN FADLALLAH A tenth-century Coptic author and one of the first to write in Arabic. Abu Ishaq left two works, composed in the year A.M. 641/A.D. 924-925. This is earlier than the work of SAWIRUS IBN AL-MUQAFFA‘, Coptic bishop of al-Ashmunayn, who is generally considered the first Coptic author to write in Arabic. …

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