desert of NITRIA

Saint Amun

SAINT AMUN A fourth-century anchorite. Around the year 320, Amun became the first monk to settle in the desert of NITRIA. Orphaned early, he had been obliged to marry by an uncle, but lived with his wife in total continence for eighteen years. After becoming a monk, he was in touch with Saint ANTONY, who …

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Damanhur Al-Wahsh

DAMANHUR Today, an important town, the capital of the Beheira, the western province of the Delta. The origin of its name has been well established: it is “the city of Horus,” a name that suggests that it was made famous by a temple of Horus in the pharaonic period (see Cerny, 1976, p. 354). In …

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Pambo, Saint

PAMBO (Pamo), SAINT A fourth-century anchorite who was one of the first settlers in NITRIA (feast day: 1 July in the West, 18 July in the East). In chapter 10 of the Lausiac History, PALLADIUS tells of the death of Pambo in 373 in the presence of Melania the elder. At that time he was …

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Hypatia of Alexandria


HYPATIA  Hypatia, a non-Christian philosopher in Alexandria (ca. 355–415), whose murder in 415 has been viewed as a watershed moment in the religious history of the city. Daughter of the mathematician Theon, she studied mathematics and philosophy and in the 380s succeeded her father as head of his school. Teaching in the Plotinian tradition of …

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