Donation Of Children

DONATION OF CHILDREN A custom of giving a child up to a monastery for one of two reasons: having the child become a monk or making the child a serf of the monastery. Instances of donating children who were intended to become monks are known from literary and especially hagiographic sources. The absence of sources …

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DEUTERARIOS A term of Greek origin (from deuteros, second), which in later Greek and in Coptic texts denotes the “deputy” of the superior of a monastic community. The term was used in Pachomian monasteries, where it denoted both the deputy of the superior and the deputy of the head of the house. Mention about them …

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EPIGRAPHY Definition and time span Epigraphy is the study of INSCRIPTIONS, texts that are destined for long-term visual display in public space, more rarely in the private sphere. As a discipline, it sits in between archaeology and philology. Coptic epigraphy is taken here in a broad sense to comprise the study of Christian inscriptions from …

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ABUSIR A modern village a few miles south of Cairo and famous for the pyramids from the Old Kingdom of Sahurê (Fifth Dynasty), Neferikare (Fifth Dynasty), and Ne-user-Rê (Fifth Dynasty). In the village, itself are the remains of a temple from the New Kingdom, probably dedicated to Osiris. It is possible that the town Busiris, …

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