Dayr Al-Qurqas

DAYR AL-QURQAS The first and only ancient author who pointed out this monastery was al-MAQRIZI (d. 1441), in his list of the monasteries (1853, Vol. 2, p. 504). He indicated that this monastery was perched on the mountain behind DAYR AL SAB‘AT JIBAL (Monastery of Seven Mountains) and that one could reach it only by …

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AKHMIM A city on the right bank of the Nile, about 250 miles (467 km) south of Cairo. In Byzantine times Akhmim was known as Panopolis. It remains today the chief town of the province of Suhaj. Akhmim is the name of pharaonic times (Chemmis) clothed in Arabic. Monasteries Pachomian Establishments The Greek and Coptic …

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