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Dayr al-Bahri


MEMNONIA The name presumably derived from Memnon, roughly designating the area where, to this day, the majestic statues of Memnon’s colossuses stand in the fields on the west bank of the Nile at Thebes. In other words, this is the village that arose from dynastic times around MADINAT HABU or the funerary temple of Ramses …

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Economic Activities Of Monasteries

ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES OF MONASTERIES Despite schisms, persecutions, occasional devastation by the barbarians, and the Persian and Arab conquests in 619 and 641, respectively, the history of the Egyptian monasteries from the fourth to the eighth centuries constitutes a whole. The period was one of expansion and material prosperity. Various categories of sources—literary, papyrological, and archaeological—indicate …

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OIKONOMOS A term of Greek origin denoting an ecclesiastical or monastic functionary who is involved in economic activity, a steward. As a rule, although not necessarily, he was a presbyter or deacon. In churches, the oikonomos is well attested already by the fourth century. Mention is made of an oikonomos in the episcopal church in …

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