Dayr Al-‘Askar

DAYR AL-‘ASKAR This monastery is one of a group of four briefly described by al-MAQRIZI (A.D. 1442), in the neighborhood of Bilqas, to the northeast of the province of Gharbiyyah. He placed it at one day’s march from the Dayr al-Mightas and near the salt marsh from which the so-called Rashid (Rosetta) salt comes. He …

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Dayr Al-Maymah (Gharbiyyah)

DAYR AL-MAYMAH (Gharbiyyah) This monastery is part of a group of four that, according to the indications of al-MAQRIZI, may be situated “in the region of the salt-marshes near Lake al-Burullus” (1845, pp. 45 [text], 109 [trans.]; 1853, Vol. 2, p. 508, correcting al- Maymanah to al-Maymah) in the neighborhood of Bilqas, in northeast Gharbiyyah. …

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Dayr Sitt Dimyanah

DAYR SITT DIMYANAH A monastery near Bilqas. History It is very probable that the Dayr Jimyanah (or Dimyanah) described by al-MAQRIZI (d. 1441) and the present Dayr Sitt Dimyanah (to the north of Bilqas) are one and the same place, as suggested by ‘ABD AL-MASIH SALIB AL-MAS‘UDI (1924, p.149). The orthography given by al-Maqrizi, Jimyanah, …

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