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Youth Movements

YOUTH MOVEMENTS Coptic youth movements started to appear at the end of the nineteenth century under Pope CYRIL V (1874-1927). The 112th patriarch of the Coptic church stressed the importance of religious education and moral teachings, among the young especially. Archdeacon HABIB JIRJIS played a significant role in encouraging such trends. In 1900, with the …

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Timotheos I

TIMOTHEOS I The Coptic archbishop of Jerusalem (1899-1925). He was born in Zaqaziq in 1865 with the name Michael. He studied Arabic and French at the school of the Frères de la Salle. He was ordained a monk in the Monastery of Saint Antony (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS) in 1885. When Basilios II, archbishop of Jerusalem, …

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Copto-Arabic Literature

COPTO-ARABIC LITERATURE Coptic literature per se, a subject treated elsewhere, is confined to the writings in the Coptic language during the early centuries of medieval Egyptian history when that language was the spoken language of the people as well as their only written instrument. After the ARAB CONQUEST OF EGYPT in the seventh century, the …

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Copto-Arabic Synaxarion

COPTO-ARABIC SYNAXARION A list of saints used in the Coptic church Editions of the Synaxarion This book, which has become a liturgical book, is very important for the history of the Coptic church. It appears in two forms: the recension from Lower Egypt, which is the quasi-official book of the Coptic church from Alexandria to …

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Apocryphal Literature

APOCRYPHAL LITERATURE Properly speaking, this consists of the so-called Old Testament pseudepigrapha. The Old Testament books called “apocryphal” by Protestants and “deuterocanonical” by Roman Catholics were until recently included in the biblical canon of the Coptic church. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century and by order of CYRIL V (1874-1927) were the following …

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Dayr Shahran

DAYR SHAHRAN A monastery south of Cairo that was restored and dedicated under the Patriarch ZACHARIAS (1004-1032) by the monk Poemen, who had embraced Islam and then returned to the Christian faith and became its abbot. In this monastery BARSUM THE NAKED lived for seventeen years (1300-1317), and here he was buried. Toward 1320 Abu …

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