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Coptic priest

Yuhanna Chiftichi

YUHANNA CHIFTICHI A Coptic priest and scholar born in Cairo in the last quarter of the eighteenth century; died in France sometime after 1825. One hindrance to discovering his identity is due to the illegible spellings of his name by biographers of Champollion, to whom Chiftichi taught Coptic pronunciation. H. Hartleben (1906, Vol. 1, p. …

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CONFIRMATION Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation into the Coptic Orthodox Church. It is administered immediately after Baptism and before partaking of the Eucharist. In the Coptic Church, it is performed by unction with the holy oil by a priest or a bishop (in the Catholic Church, it is the right of the …

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Copts In The Diaspora

COPTS IN THE DIASPORA The largest communities of Coptic emigrants are in the United Stated, Canada, and Australia. Statistics concerning their population are unavailable. However, according to unofficial sources, they number between 400,000 and 1,000,000. A considerable number of the Copts left Egypt for the West because of discrimination; others left because of the nationalization …

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Ibn Al-Sa’igh

IBN AL-SA’IGH A nickname, meaning “son of the goldsmith,” given to two Copts in references of the fourteenth century. They are probably the same person. In 1325-1326 the monk Tuma ibn al-Sa’igh copied a manuscript of the four Gospels translated from the Greek. This manuscript was in Jerusalem in 1903, at the Copts’ Dayr Mar …

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Copto-Arabic Literature

COPTO-ARABIC LITERATURE Coptic literature per se, a subject treated elsewhere, is confined to the writings in the Coptic language during the early centuries of medieval Egyptian history when that language was the spoken language of the people as well as their only written instrument. After the ARAB CONQUEST OF EGYPT in the seventh century, the …

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Coptic Education

COPTIC EDUCATION The origins of Coptic education may be traced to the period of the introduction of Christianity in the second half of the first century, when ancient educational traditions in the temples became colored with the doctrines and traditions of the new religion. According to Eusebius of Caesarea in his Historia Ecclesiastica, written in …

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Holy Saturday

HOLY SATURDAY The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is also referred to as Great Saturday, as in the Constitutions of the Holy Apostles (1951, p. 447) and in al-SAFI ibn al-‘Assal’s Kitab al-Qawanin (1927, p. 140). Also, in spite of the fact that it commemorates the resting of Christ’s body in the …

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