Coptic personalities


DICTIONARIES From the time when the Copts, like other nations or linguistic entities, felt the need to have at their disposal in writing the equivalents, exact or approximate, of the words of their language, attempts were made to compose modest lists of bilingual vocabulary; these may justly be considered the ancestors of modern Coptic dictionaries. …

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Michael VI

MICHAEL VI A ninety-second patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1476-1478). Michael (or in Arabic, Mikha’il) is briefly mentioned in the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS; the dates of his investiture and his death are given, but no reference is made to the monastery from which he was chosen to occupy this ecclesiastical high office. …

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John XIX

JOHN XIX Pope of Alexandria and 113th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1928-1942). He was born at DAYR TASA in the province of Asyut in 1855. It was there that he received his education. He entered DAYR AL-BARAMUS monastery in the Western Desert and was chosen by Pope CYRIL V to be his …

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