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Coptic Orthodox Church

Ethiopian Saints

ETHIOPIAN SAINTS The Ethiopian Orthodox Church recognizes most of the saints of the Universal Church before the Council of CHALCEDON (451) and all the saints of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, about whom it has knowledge through the SYNAXARION, accounts of their acts (gadl; Arabic, sirah), or through other means. The Synaxarion of the …

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Mark II, Saint

MARK II, SAINT A forty-ninth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (799-819) (feast day: 22 Baramudah). He was an important patriarch, a fascinating individual, a master preacher, and an eminent Coptic writer. Mark’s life was closely associated with that of his predecessor, JOHN IV. As a deacon in Alexandria, he became John’s disciple and …

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Mcoptic Migration

COPTIC MIGRATION The Copts as a community were sedentary by nature and upbringing. They loved the land of their birth and were averse to migration to other countries throughout their long history. The idea of moving from their ancestral home to a new milieu in search of better opportunities dawned upon them only recently, after …

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Coptic Music

COPTIC MUSIC  Description of the Corpus and Present Musical Practice The following remarks pertain only to the music of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Other Christian churches in Egypt (Greek Orthodox, Coptic Catholic, Protestant, etc.) have their own musical practices. Coptic music, an expression of a proud and constant faith, still lives today among the Copts …

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Liturgy Of The Epiphany

EPIPHANY, LITURGY OF THE The celebration of the Epiphany, one of the seven major feasts (see FEASTS, MAJOR) of the Coptic church, takes place on the eve of 12 Tubah. It commemorates the manifestation of the divinity of Jesus Christ as He was baptized in the river Jordan. There are four services on this feast. …

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EPICLESIS The invoking of the name of God upon a person or thing. Although in the baptismal liturgy the Holy Trinity is invoked upon the baptized person, and in the rites of confirmation and ordination the invocation is of the Holy Spirit, this article is limited to the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. In the …

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