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Coptic history

Mark III, Saint

MARK III, SAINT The seventy-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1167-1189) (feast day: 6 Tubah). Mark’s secular name before his investiture in the patriarchate was Abu al-Faraj ibn Abi al-Sa‘d ibn Zar‘ah. He was a layman of Syrian origin, related to the sixty- second patriarch, Abraham. He was a bachelor known to all …

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Omar Toussoun (1872-1944)

OMAR TOUSSOUN (1872-1944) A prince of the Egyptian royal family, scholar, and philanthropist. There were few aspects of Egyptian progress that did not benefit from his support and his practical encouragement. He was particularly devoted to the interests of agriculture and agricultural workers. He was deeply interested in the history and the geography of Egypt …

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NESTORIUS Nestorius was born at Germanicia in Syria Euphratensis sometime before 381, and became patriarch of Constantinople in 428. After his condemnation for heresy and deposition by the First Council of EPHESUS in 431, he was allowed by Emperor Theodosius II to retire to his former monastery a short distance from the gates of Antioch. …

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John IX

JOHN IX The eighty-first patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1320-1327). John IX succeeded his predecessor and namesake at one of the most critical moments in Coptic history. Little is known about his life before he took the monastic vow, nor do we know much about his life as a monk. The HISTORY OF …

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JOHN XVIII The 107th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1769-1796). A monk of the Monastery of Saint Antony (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS) in the Eastern Desert, he was selected by the community of the clergy and the Coptic archons to succeed MARK VII at his death in 1769. His patriarchate proved to be one …

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