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Hagiography, Coptic

HAGIOGRAPHY, COPTIC The writing about the saints of the Coptic church. Many religions venerate saints and so have produced a vast literature around them. Best known in the West is the monumental Acta Sanctorum (Lives of the Saints), compiled by the Society of Bollandists, a group of Jesuit scholars, beginning in the seventeenth century and …

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Paul Of Tamma, Saint

PAUL OF TAMMA, SAINT A fourth-century hermit. Paul was born at Tamma (written Tammah in the inscriptions of Bawit) in the nome of Koeis (Kynopotis/al-Qays) in the neighborhood of Dahrut, on the left bank of the Nile opposite Sharunah. This village no longer exists, at least under this name. It should not be confused with …

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