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Martin Krause (1930-)

MARTIN KRAUSE (1930-) A Coptologist and educator. He is the father of modern Coptology. He was born in Planitz near Zwickau, Germany. He studied theology, Egyptology, and the history of religion in Berlin and Leipzig and obtained a PhD (Berlin) in 1956 and a ThD (Leipzig) in 1958. In 1958, he joined the German Archaeological …

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Labib Habachi (1906-1984)

LABIB HABACHI (1906-1984) A renowned Egyptologist, he was born in Mansura where he was educated at the Coptic School. He studied Egyptology at Fouad I (later Cairo) University. In 1927, he visited the monasteries of Wadi al-Natrun, the Monastery of St. Antony, and the Monastery of St. Paul, and published, with Zaki Tawadrus, a book …

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Patriarch Gabriel III

PATRIARCH GABRIEL III The life of the monk and priest Ghubriyāl, who eventually became Coptic patriarch Gabriel III (usually counted as the 77th patriarch, 1268–1271), bears witness to both the flourishing of literary and scientific activity as well as to the turbulence of ecclesiastical and social affairs that characterize Coptic Orthodox history in the middle decades …

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