Christianity in Asyut in Modern History

Christianity in Asyut in Modern History A Historical Introduction By the second half of the eighteenth century, Asyut had taken Girga’s place as the capital of Upper Egypt. With Muhammad ‘Ali’s interest in admin­istratively organizing Egypt’s governorates, the construction of the gover­norate building in Asyut began in 1811. In 1822, Asyut’s population was around seventeen …

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Political Parties

POLITICAL PARTIES Republican Party The Republican party was founded in 1907 by a group of intellectuals influenced by French culture, as was apparent from their adopting the slogan of the French Revolution, “Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité,” and in sharing with the French community their celebrations of 14 July. They believed that the progress of the nation …

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Coptic Press

COPTIC PRESS Major Organs Copts began publishing religious, intellectual, and political periodicals in the second half of the nineteenth century. Some journals and newspapers were written to appeal to Muslims as well as Christians, while others focused more narrowly on communal and church affairs. The heyday of such publications was the seventy-five years between the …

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