Coptic cemetery

Dayr Al-Qusayr

DAYR AL-QUSAYR From this village and as far as the one called DAYR AL-JABRAWI, the Arabian or eastern mountains between the Nile and Red Sea form a massif called Jabal Abu Fudah, which borders the Nile very closely for some 9 miles (15 km). There are two monasteries there, dedicated to Saint Theodorus and Saint …

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Papyrus Discoveries

PAPYRUS DISCOVERIES The dry climate of Egypt is responsible for the preservation of the many literary memorials of the country, the ostraca as well as the sources written on papyrus, parchment, and (later) paper, which may be subdivided into literary and nonliterary. They were and are found either by chance, mostly by fellahin digging for …

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