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Saint Sophia

SAINT SOPHIA [A holy woman of the fourth century or later whose remains are interred in the Church of Santa Sophia (Hagia Sophia) in Constantinople (feast day: 5 Tut). There are several versions of her story.] The Jacobite Tradition The Jacobite-Arabic SYNAXARION, preserved in a seventeenth-century copy (restored in the nineteenth century) in the National …

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PSALIS The psalis are hymns recited before the Odes and the Theotokia. The psalis could be sung with the Adam tune or with the Batos tune. There are several types of psalis. The first and most ancient type is the psalis “My Lord Jesus Christ” that could date prior to the eighth century. Some of …

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Feasts Of The Theotokos

FEASTS OF THE THEOTOKOS The high reverence for the Virgin Mary by the Copts is best expressed in the Coptic SYNAXARION where she is described as “the sovereign of the universe, the queen of all womanhood, through whom we have grace.” Thus the Copts celebrate seven feasts for her. Dates are here given according to …

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LECTIONARY A set of four books containing the readings for the various liturgies of the Coptic church. Different lectionaries existed according to different rites in Upper and in Lower Egypt; it was only with the coming of the printing press (see CYRIL IV) that a certain uniformity evolved among the Coptic churches in the whole …

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Copto-Arabic Literature

COPTO-ARABIC LITERATURE Coptic literature per se, a subject treated elsewhere, is confined to the writings in the Coptic language during the early centuries of medieval Egyptian history when that language was the spoken language of the people as well as their only written instrument. After the ARAB CONQUEST OF EGYPT in the seventh century, the …

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