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Coptic bishop


BISHOP The Coptic term episkopos is a loan word from the Greek that can be translated bishop, overseer, superintendent, or supervisor. The Arabic usquf derives also from the Greek episkopos. According to the Didascalia, the bishop should be chosen by the congregation, and his consecration should take place on a Sunday in the presence of …

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FASTING The first references concerning fasting in the Coptic Church are the paschal letters of St. Athanasius from the beginning of the fourth century, wherein Athanasius introduced the date of the Holy Lent. This tradition was continued by his successors such as Theophilus and Cyril. In all these documents, mention is made of Lent and …

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Butrus Ibn Al-Khabbaz

BUTRUS IBN AL-KHABBAZ A thirteenth-century metropolitan of Ethiopia and copyist of biblical texts. This priest is known from notes found in four Arabic manuscripts of Coptic origin. A fourteenth-century manuscript in the Coptic Patriarchate in Cairo (Theology 220) contains ten monastic texts (Graf, 1934), or seventeen according to Simaykah and Yassa ‘Abd al-Masih (1942), which …

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Mikha’il, Metropolitan Of Damietta (?-After 1208)

MIKHA’IL, METROPOLITAN OF DAMIETTA (?-after 1208) A Bishop, theologian. Mikha’il, an active defender of the Coptic Orthodox faith in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, was the first Coptic bishop to receive the title “metropolitan” (Arabic: mutran). His best known works include a collection of canon law that, while of great merit, was soon …

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Saint Victor Stratelates, Or Victor The General

SAINT VICTOR STRATELATES, or Victor the General [This son of the Roman governor Romanus miraculously survived death three times before being marytred during the persecution under Diocletian (feast day: 27 Baramudah)] COPTIC TRADITION About Victor Statelates we have four complete accounts and several that are incomplete. The martyrdom itself was published by E. Wallis Budge …

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ATRIS A village on the left bank of the Rosetta branch of the Nile, in the markaz (district) of Imbabah, Minufiyyah, not far from Bani Salamah, 45 miles (73 km) northwest of Cairo. The existence of a monastery in or near this village is attested by the Chronicle of JOHN OF NIKIOU (second half of …

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