ANATHEMA The transliteration of a Gr. word which is used in the LXX to represent the Heb. ḥērem, ‘a person or thing devoted or set apart, under religious sanctions, for destruction’ (Lv 27:28, 29, Jos 6:17). It is capable of use in the good sense of an offering to God, but was gradually confined to …

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Bishop’s Consecration

BISHOP’S CONSECRATION This rite includes the imposition of the Gospel, the imposition of the Hand, the ordination prayers, and the concluding ceremonies. The Apostolic Constitutions (written around the end of the fourth century) mention that the ordination precedes the full Eucharistic liturgy in order that the new bishop might preside over the whole of the …

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Eucharist Fast

EUCHARIST FAST According to canon law as expressed in the Apostolic Constitutions, “It is forbidden to partake of the communion unless the person is fasting, and whoever dares to eat breakfast and then partake of the Holy Communion will be excommunicated eternally from the Church of God.” The canons of Hippolytus state, “It is important …

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