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Macarius III

MACARIUS III The 114th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1944-1945). He was born on 18 February 1872, at the town of al- Mahallah al-Kubra in the Gharbiyyah Province. He was named ‘Abd-al-Masih. Later, at the early age of seventeen, he entered the monastery of DAYR ANBA BISHOI and was ordained priest. In 1895 …

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Muhammad ‘Ali Dynasty

MUHAMMAD ‘ALI DYNASTY A family that ruled Egypt for about a century and a half (1805-1952). The following is a brief survey of the line of succession, with particular reference to the role played by the Copts during the time of each ruler. Dates refer to the years of their accession and demise or abdication. …

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Murqus Simaykah

MURQUS SIMAYKAH (1864-1944) A public servant and founder of the COPTIC MUSEUM in Cairo. Born to an old Coptic family of clerks and magistrates, he had a distinguished career in the government service, but this was not enough to occupy his time after he reached middle age. He then devoted himself to public affairs in …

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John XIX

JOHN XIX Pope of Alexandria and 113th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1928-1942). He was born at DAYR TASA in the province of Asyut in 1855. It was there that he received his education. He entered DAYR AL-BARAMUS monastery in the Western Desert and was chosen by Pope CYRIL V to be his …

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Ethiopian Church Autocephaly

ETHIOPIAN CHURCH AUTOCEPHALY In the middle of the fourth century, Saint ATHANASIUS, the twentieth patriarch of Alexandria, appointed Frumentius (Salama I) to be the first primate (ABUN) of Ethiopia. From then until the nineteenth century, negotiations between the two churches were generally restricted to Ethiopian requests for a new abun to be consecrated and sent …

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