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The Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary and St. Simeon the Tanner (MUQATTAM)

The Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary and St. Simeon the Tanner (MUQATTAM) IN 1969 THE GOVERNOR OF CAIRO issued a decree that ordered all the trash collectors of Cairo to move to one of the Muqattam hills behind the Citadel. There they built themselves primitive houses, simple huts of tin that are called in …

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Gnosticism Bibliography

GNOSTICISM BIBLIOGRAPHY Attridge, Harold W., ed. Nag Hammadi Codex I (The Jung Codex). Nag Hammadi Studies 22-23. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1985. Bohlig, Alexander, and Frederik Wisse, eds. Nag Hammadi Codices III, 2 and IV, 2: The Gospel of the Egyptians (The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit). Nag Hammadi Studie, 4. Leiden: E. …

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Maundy Thursday

MAUNDY THURSDAY The hymn of Judas is sung in Greek in the Matins of the Maundy Thursday; according to Baumstark, this hymn may be dated to the sixth or seventh century. A manuscript from the John Rylands Library in Manchester contains a Prayer for the Basin “without sprinkling the lentils” (the interpretation of this phrase …

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Rite Of Glorifications

RITE OF GLORIFICATIONS This rite is performed before an icon of a saint, either after Vesper prayers or after the Eucharistic liturgy. Sometimes the rite is performed during a visit of the tomb or the pilgrimage center of a saint. In commemoration of the saint, the faithful chant the Doxology Adam—a glorification of the saint’s …

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MARK The Apostle, evangelist, and saint. According to the Coptic tradition, St. Mark is the founder of the Coptic Church in Egypt. This tradition is supported by the testimony of Eusebius of Caesarea in his Church History. A Coptic manuscript preserved in Paris contains a detailed story of St. Mark. This manuscript was copied in …

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Monthly Festal Days

MONTHLY FESTAL DAYS Traditionally, the Coptic Orthodox Church would celebrate two feast days for prominent martyrs, the timing of which would generally fall during the summer and winter. One feast day would commemorate the saint’s martyrdom, and the second would be the consecration of the saint’s church. This practice was later extended to incorporate a …

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Coptic Hagiography

COPTIC HAGIOGRAPHY Egypt was influenced by the Greek culture, hence many of the hagiographical texts were written first in this language and translated later into Coptic. It is important to use the classical hagiographical tools such as Bibliotheca Hagiographica Orientalis and the Bibliotheca Sanctorum (16 vols., Rome 1965-1976), in addition to the bibliography in each …

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