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Athanasius (1923-2000)

ATHANASIUS (1923-2000) A Bishop and educator. He was born in the city of al-Mahalla al-Kubra in the Delta. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Cairo University in 1944, and in 1952 received a diploma of psychology from the American University in Cairo. He also obtained a diploma in divinity from the Clerical …

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Habib Girgis (1876-1951)

HABIB GIRGIS (1876-1951) Reformer, educator, preacher. He was born in Cairo and joined the Coptic school of Harit al-Saqqayin, which Patriarch Cyril IV had established. He was educated in the Clerical College of the Coptic Orthodox Church and became a professor of theology from 1898 in the same college, and then its principal from 1918 …

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Dayr Al-Muharraq

DAYR AL-MUHARRAQ The Monastery of the Holy Virgin (Dayr al-Muharraq) is situated near the towns of al-Qusiyah and Gabal Qusqam in the present governorate of Assiut. According to medieval sources, this area is believed to be the Holy Family’s southernmost stop, where they dwelt for six months at the end of their flight into Egypt. …

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Gregorius (1919-2001)

GREGORIUS (1919-2001) A Bishop and educator. Born Wahib Atalla Girgis, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Clerical College in 1938, and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Cairo University in 1951. The University of Manchester awarded him a PhD in Coptic studies in 1954. He taught at the Clerical College and he …

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Murad Kamil (1907-1975)

MURAD KAMIL (1907-1975) A Semitist, who taught at Cairo University, the Coptic Clerical College, the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies in Egypt, and the University of Freiburg in Germany. Professor Kamil played an important role in the negotiations between the Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Church. He wrote a book on the Coptic civilization (Cairo, …

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Cyril VI (1902-1971)

CYRIL VI (1902-1971) A Patriarch and saint. He was the 116th patriarch of the Coptic Church (1959-1971). He was born ‘Azir Yousseef ‘Ata in 1902 at the village of Tukh al Nasara in Lower Egypt. He played a large role in the renaissance of the Coptic Church. He joined the Monastery of al-Baramous in Wadi …

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Samuel (1920-1981)

SAMUEL (1920-1981) A Bishop. He was born Sa‘d ‘Aziz in Cairo. On 6 October 1981 he gave his life along with Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat at the hands of Muslim extremist assassins. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Fouad I University (now Cairo University) in 1941, and obtained a diploma in divinity from …

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Shenouda III

SHENOUDA III  A Monk, bishop, teacher, writer, politician, and 117th patriarch of the Coptic Church (1971-). He was born Nazir Gayed in Assiut. He played a great role in the renaissance of the Coptic Church. He studied history and graduated from Cairo University in 1947 and from the Clerical College in 1949. He served as …

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