Church of Saint George

Dayr Al-Majma‘

DAYR AL-MAJMA‘ History This monastery, now also called Dayr Mar Jirjis, is situated to the west of the village called al-Bahri Qamulah, southwest of NAQADAH, at the foot of the Libyan massif on the edge of the desert named Jabal al-Asas, between DAYR ABU LIFAH to the north and Dayr Mar Buqtur to the south. …

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DAMALLU A town in the Delta in the province of Minufiyyah. The only reference to Damallu in Christian-Arabic literature is in the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS, where it is related that during the patriarchate of CYRIL II (1078-1092) a bedouin entered the Church of Saint George in Damallu and attacked the icon of the saint, …

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Harit Zuwaylah

HARIT ZUWAYLAH Together with HARIT AL-RUM, probably the oldest quarter in Cairo that was inhabited by a Coptic community. Harit Zuwaylah is situated in the district of al-Jammaliyyah or Khurunfish. The concentration of Copts in this area during the Middle Ages led to the foundation of some of the most ancient churches in Cairo. Of …

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Harit Al-Rum

HARIT AL-RUM Coptic quarter in old Cairo and the residence of the Coptic patriarchs from John XVI (1676-1718) to Cyril IV (1854-1861), who moved the patriarchal seat to the Azbakiyyah quarter in modern Cairo. The name Harit al-Rum means “alley of the Greeks.” The district of Harit al-Rum could be reached from the Sukkariyyah district …

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Mark III, Saint

MARK III, SAINT The seventy-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1167-1189) (feast day: 6 Tubah). Mark’s secular name before his investiture in the patriarchate was Abu al-Faraj ibn Abi al-Sa‘d ibn Zar‘ah. He was a layman of Syrian origin, related to the sixty- second patriarch, Abraham. He was a bachelor known to all …

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MARSAFA A town in the Delta province of Qalyubiyyah. Al-MAQRIZI wrote that in the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century there was a restored church of Saint George in Marsafa. BIBLIOGRAPHY Timm, S. Das christlich-koptische Ägypten in arabischer Zeit, pt. 4, p. 1593. Wiesbaden, 1988. RANDALL STEWART Tags: Places

John V

JOHN V The seventy-second patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1147-1167). John was a monk in the Monastery of Saint John (Dayr Abu Yuhannis). Tradition claims that his name was included among the three candidates from whom the name of his predecessor MICHAEL V was chosen. This time he was chosen outright because of …

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Coptic See Of Jerusalem

COPTIC SEE OF JERUSALEM From the beginning of the Christian era, Egypt and Egyptians have had a privileged status in Jerusalem. In the Acts of the Apostles, it is mentioned that Egyptians were among those who witnessed the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It is also mentioned (Acts 6:9) that Alexandrians, with others, …

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