Church of Saint Barbara

Waq‘At Al-Kana’is (The Incident Of The Churches)

WAQ‘AT AL-KANA’IS The first demonstration of the presence of widely organized Muslim religious brotherhoods in Egypt and of their deep impact on the populace, which they manipulated in the Mamluk period. On one day in 1321, the populace, incited and led by members of these brotherhoods, destroyed, pillaged, and burned over sixty of the main …

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Gospel Casket

GOSPEL CASKET A rectangular box used to house the Gospel manuscript on the altar inside the church sanctuary. The Gospel is removed from its casket only for reading, when it is placed on a lectern in the choir area, and is returned to its casket immediately after the reading is completed. Though the use of …

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Coptic Music

COPTIC MUSIC  Description of the Corpus and Present Musical Practice The following remarks pertain only to the music of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Other Christian churches in Egypt (Greek Orthodox, Coptic Catholic, Protestant, etc.) have their own musical practices. Coptic music, an expression of a proud and constant faith, still lives today among the Copts …

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