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church in Egypt

Coptic Evangelical Church

COPTIC EVANGELICAL CHURCH A Presbyterian national church founded through the efforts of the United Presbyterian Church in North America in 1854. The first Presbyterian missionaries to Egypt emphasized bible teaching and preaching. The Evangelical churches are about 250 in number besides having another 200 meeting centers for prayers, with a community of 250,000. These churches …

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CYRIL IV The 110th Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1854-1861). He was born Dawud Tumas Bashut in 1816 at Naj‘ Abu Zaqali, near Akhmim in Upper Egypt. At the age of twenty-two he entered St. Antony’s monastery (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS), becoming its abbot at the age of twenty-four by virtue of his good …

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Anglican Church In Egypt

ANGLICAN CHURCH IN EGYPT Since 1815, when the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in London commissioned William Jowett to lead a team of missionaries, whose initial mandate was not to make converts among Muslims but to seek to bring about the “enlightenment and elevation” of “those who are already outwardly members of Christian churches,” the Anglican …

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Hardy, Edward R. (1908-1981)

HARDY, EDWARD R. (1908-1981) American theologian who wrote extensively on the early church in Egypt. He was educated at Columbia University (1923-1931) and a number of noted theological seminaries (1929-1934). Hardy’s academic career started as an instructor in Hebrew at General Theological Seminary (1929-1944). He then became an associate professor and professor of church history …

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