Chronicon Orientale

Chronicon Orientale

CHRONICON ORIENTALE A chronicle of world history composed by an unknown thirteenth-century author who put events he thought important into a table of secular and ecclesiastical rulers. Its chronological bases are the Old Testament for the pre-Christian era, the Roman emperors for the period from the time of Christ to Muhammad, and thereafter the Arab …

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ASSEMANI The Latinized form of the Arabic al-Sim’ani and surname of four Maronite members of a Syrian family of noted Orientalists who lived from the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. They are Joseph Simeonis (Arabic, Yusuf Sim‘an; 1687-1768), Stephen (Arabic, Istafan) Evodius (1709- 1782), Joseph (Arabic, Yusuf) Aloysius (1710-1782), and Simon (Arabic, Sim‘an; …

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Abu Al-Fakhr Al-Masihi

ABU AL-FAKHR AL-MASIHI According to G. Graf (1947, pp. 435-36) author of the chronology for the oldest history of the Chronicon Orientale, suggesting that he lived at the latest before the end of the thirteenth century. He was born a Jew and became a Christian (al-Masihi). There exists an exchange of letters between him and …

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