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Divine Revelation: Paradox, Mystery, And Contradiction

Divine Revelation: Paradox, Mystery, And Contradiction The influence of various movements within our culture such as New Age, Eastern religion, and irrational philosophy have led to a crisis of understanding. A new form of mysticism has arisen that exalts the absurd as a hallmark of religious truth. We think of the Zen-Buddhist maxim that “God …

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Al-Safi Ibn Al-‘Assal

AL-SAFI IBN AL-‘ASSAL A member of the great Coptic family of the AWLAD AL-‘ASSAL, who played an important role in the intellectual renaissance of the Coptic church in the thirteenth century. His complete name was al-Safi Abu al-Fadail Majid. He is known by the name al-Safi. He was the brother of al-AS‘AD ABU AL-FARAJ HIBAT …

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Origen General History Origen (185-255) was one of the greatest Christians who ever lived, and certainly among the greatest of Egyptian Christians. Only ATHANASIUS can rival him in stature among the sons of Christian Egypt. He was born of Christian parents at Alexandria and probably died at Tyre. In 202 his father, Leonidas, was martyred …

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Hypatia of Alexandria


HYPATIA  Hypatia, a non-Christian philosopher in Alexandria (ca. 355–415), whose murder in 415 has been viewed as a watershed moment in the religious history of the city. Daughter of the mathematician Theon, she studied mathematics and philosophy and in the 380s succeeded her father as head of his school. Teaching in the Plotinian tradition of …

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