Chalcedonian party

Timothy II

TIMOTHY II A Saint and patriarch. He was the 26th Patriarch of Alexandria (457-477). He is commemorated on the seventh of Misra. He was commonly known as Timothy Aelurus. He became patriarch after the murder of the Chalcedonian Patriarch Proterius (451-457). He was deposed and exiled several times. Even during his exile, he remained the …

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Theodosius I

THEODOSIUS I A saint and thirty-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (535-567). Theodosius was the secretary of TIMOTHY III and was chosen to succeed him. This occurred with the support of the Empress THEODORA’s chamberlain, Calotychius, and official circles at Alexandria. When he appeared for his enthronement, a popular uprising swept a rival …

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Dioscorus II

DIOSCORUS II The thirty-first patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (515-517). A nephew of TIMOTHY II Aelurus, Dioscorus II had a brief but dramatic reign. He was first installed under the auspices of the government authorities, but when this roused protests, he secured a more proper ecclesiastical enthronement. Nevertheless, riots followed in which the …

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