Caesarea in Palestine


PROCOPIUS A sixth-century Byzantine historian of the reign of JUSTINIAN. Procopius is the author of three works: the Wars (a history of Justinian’s military policies up to 553/554); the Secret History (Anecdota; literally “Unpublished Things”), an “alternative” version of the early part of the Wars, combined with a vitriolic attack on Justinian and THEODORA, written …

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Eusignius, Saint

EUSIGNIUS, SAINT, fourth-century martyr (feast day: 5 Tubah). A manuscript of DAYR ANBA SHINUDAH of which a few leaves remain at Paris (National Library, nos. 129.14 fol. 99 and 129.16, fol. 105) contains the legend of Saint Eusignius. There are two sources of this legend: one comes through the Copto-Arabic Synaxarion, the other follows the …

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Acacius, Bishop Of Caesarea

ACACIUS, BISHOP OF CAESAREA To whom a Coptic Encomium of the Martyr Mercurius (of Caesarea of Cappadocia) is attributed. Some ambiguity exists concerning this attribution, for, whereas patrologists recognize only one Acacius, bishop of Caesarea in Palestine (340-366), Coptic literature makes mention of another Acacius in Dioscorus’ Encomium of Macarius of Tkow. The first-named Acacius …

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