Byzantine monk

Gabriel III (?-1271)

GABRIEL III (?-1271) A Scribe, patriarch (77th, 1268-1271). Before his election as patriarch, Gabriel was a monk (at the Monastery of St. Antony), priest (who served for a time at the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem), and scribe (who was a client of the Awlad al-‘Assal, who championed his elevation to the patriarchate). His …

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Maximus The Confessor

MAXIMUS THE CONFESSOR A Byzantine monk who fought against monothelitism; he died in 662. At least three of his works were translated into Arabic in the high Middle Ages: the 400 Chapters on Charity (Clavis Patrologia Graeca, 7693), the 200 Theological and Ecumenical Chapters (Clavis Patrologia Graeca, 7694), and his discussion with Pyrrhus (Clavis Patrologia …

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EIKOSTON One of the monasteries in the coastal strip separating Lake Mareotis from the sea, west of Alexandria. The site has not been located. Like the ENATON or the OKTOKAIDEKATON, it was so called from the number of milestones (in this case twenty) separating it from Alexandria (Raabe, 1895, pp. 64-65). According to R. Raabe, …

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