The Cathedral of St. Mark, southern side: stained glass windows decorated from left to right with the Flight into Egypt, St. Mark, St. Antony, and St. Athanasius.

Anba Ruways (ABBASIYA)

Anba Ruways (ABBASIYA) THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTEMPORARY COPTIC CENTER in Egypt, known as Anba Ruways, is located on Ramses street in Abbasiya. It is a compound of buildings with an enclosure wall comprising the Cathedral of St. Mark and his shrine, the Church of Anba Ruways, the Coptic papal residence, the Clerical College, the Higher …

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WATUS This is the tune to which hymns are sung on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The name is taken from the first Coptic word of the first verse of the Theotokia of Thursday, “The bush which Moses saw in the wilderness.” GAWDAT GABRA Tags: Liturgy, Culture

CYRIL IV (1816-1861)

CYRIL IV (1816-1861) A Patriarch, reformer. He was the 110th patriarch of the Coptic Church (1854-1861). He was born Dawud in 1816 at Nag‘ Abu Zaqali, near Akhmim in Upper Egypt. In 1838, he entered the Monastery of St. Antony at the age of 22 and became its abbot only two years later. He then …

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