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Elias Of Samhud, Saint

ELIAS OF SAMHUD, SAINT a sixth-century (?) monk whose birth was foretold by an angel (feastday: 13 Kiyahk). His Christian parents, who lived in the Fayyum, held a monthly agape (meal) for the poor as well as widows and orphans, and were reportedly visited by the Old Testament prophets Elijah (Elias) and Elisha. Despite their …

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INTERDICT Prohibition against administering the sacraments in a village or a monastery. In the correspondence of Bishop Abraham of Hermonthis from around 600, we learn of a case in which the doing of things that were not fitting either for monks or for the laity in a monastery (we are not told anything more precise), …

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INSCRIPTIONS Writing on long-lasting materials. Inscriptions, like texts written on papyrus (see PAPYROLOGY), are important primary sources of information about a society. In Egypt they appear on stone, plaster, clay, wood, metal, and textiles. They may be scratched, carved, engraved, stamped, painted or inked, or woven. Those written on clay sherds or limestone fragments are …

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Donation Of Children

DONATION OF CHILDREN A custom of giving a child up to a monastery for one of two reasons: having the child become a monk or making the child a serf of the monastery. Instances of donating children who were intended to become monks are known from literary and especially hagiographic sources. The absence of sources …

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Dayr Al-Tin

DAYR AL-TIN This monastery was mentioned for the first time by al-Shabushti (Atiya, 1939, pp. 25, 26), who died at the end of the tenth century or the beginning of the eleventh. He called it Mar Hanna and situated it on the edge of Lake al-Habash, near the Nile. The HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS OF …

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Dayr Sitt Dimyanah

DAYR SITT DIMYANAH A monastery near Bilqas. History It is very probable that the Dayr Jimyanah (or Dimyanah) described by al-MAQRIZI (d. 1441) and the present Dayr Sitt Dimyanah (to the north of Bilqas) are one and the same place, as suggested by ‘ABD AL-MASIH SALIB AL-MAS‘UDI (1924, p.149). The orthography given by al-Maqrizi, Jimyanah, …

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DUMYAT A city in the northeastern part of the Nile Delta just west of Lake al-Manzalah. Dumyat was the seat of a bishop at least as early as 431 when Bishop Herakleides of Tamiathis/ Dumyat took part in the First Council of EPHESUS (Munier, 1943, p. 17). In 459 Bishop Elpidios of Tamiathis signed the …

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Drescher, James Anthony Bede (1902-1985)

DRESCHER, JAMES ANTHONY BEDE (1902-1985) A frequent contributor to the Bulletin de la Société d’archéologie copte. He was also the editor and translator of Three Coptic Legends: Hilaria, Archellites, The Seven Sleepers (Cairo, 1947) and The Coptic (Sahidic) Version of Kingdoms I, II (Samuel I, II), CSCO 313-314 (Louvain, 1970). MIRRIT BOUTROS GHALI Tags: Eminent