Black Death

Dayr Anba Maqar

DAYR ANBA MAQAR Rising on the desert horizon like a great fortress, the Monastery of Saint MACARIUS was originally the most remote and least accessible of the monasteries of Wadi al- Natrun. It came into being around 360 when Saint Macarius the Egyptian moved southward from the valley to escape the overcrowding of hermits. Here, …

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TUBH (Arabic, plural Tubuhat). This is a Coptic word meaning “pray for.” The Tubuhat were introduced as deacon’s responses in the liturgy or in the Holy Week (for the liturgies, see the Anaphora of St. Basil, St. Gregory, and St. Cyril). The Tubuhat of the morning service of the Holy Week was composed before the …

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Monastery Of St. Macarius

MONASTERY OF ST. MACARIUS It is the southernmost monastery in Wadi al-Natrun. The monastery bears the name of its patron St. Macarius, who died in about 390. This monastery became an official occasional residence for the Coptic patriarchs toward the middle of the sixth century when the Byzantine authorities did not allow them to reside …

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