John of Lykopolis

John of Lykopolis As Sebastien Lenain de Tillemont observed over three centuries ago, among all the solitary saints in Egypt “there is after St. Antony no one whose renown is greater than that of St.John of Lycopolis” (Tillemont 1732, vol. 10:9). Tillemont also observed that,besides the principal accounts of john of Lykopolis found in the …

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Palladius (363-431)

PALLADIUS (363-431) A Monk, historian of early monasticism. He was born in Galatia and spent several years as a monk in Egypt. He stayed three years at Alexandria and then moved to Nitria. In 390, he went to Kellia, where he became a pupil of Evagrius Ponticus. It is not clear whether he was Origenist …

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