bishop of Isna

Dayr Apa Ishaq (Isna)

DAYR APA ISHAQ (Isna) A little to the north of the present DAYR AL-SHUHADA’ (Monastery of the Martyrs) at Isna are some ruins that the inhabitants call the Monastery of Apa Ishaq (Isaac). In the “new” church, which according to the inscriptions dates at least from the end of the twelfth century, an inscription commemorates …

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Copto-Arabic Synaxarion

COPTO-ARABIC SYNAXARION A list of saints used in the Coptic church Editions of the Synaxarion This book, which has become a liturgical book, is very important for the history of the Coptic church. It appears in two forms: the recension from Lower Egypt, which is the quasi-official book of the Coptic church from Alexandria to …

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Pisentius, Saint

PISENTIUS, SAINT A seventh-century monk and bishop of Armant (feast day: 20 Kiyahk). Pisentius was the nephew of the superior of the monastery of Tud, probably the present DAYR ANBA ABSHAY (Crum and Winlock, 1926). His birth was miraculously achieved through the prayers of his uncle. The monks of Tud taught him Holy Scripture, and …

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