bishop of Atrib and Malij

Butrus Sawirus Al-Jamil

BUTRUS SAWIRUS AL-JAMIL A thirteenth-century bishop of Malij and first compiler of the Coptic SYNAXARION. It is not known exactly when he lived, and no details of his life are known for certain. He lived probably at the end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth, since he comes between MIKHA’IL, BISHOP …

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Saint Victor Stratelates, Or Victor The General

SAINT VICTOR STRATELATES, or Victor the General [This son of the Roman governor Romanus miraculously survived death three times before being marytred during the persecution under Diocletian (feast day: 27 Baramudah)] COPTIC TRADITION About Victor Statelates we have four complete accounts and several that are incomplete. The martyrdom itself was published by E. Wallis Budge …

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