Belgian theologian

Paulin Ladeuze (1870-1940)

PAULIN LADEUZE (1870-1940) A Belgian theologian and ecclesiastical historian. Ladeuze joined the faculty at the University of Louvain at the age of twenty-eight. He was a founding member of Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique and succeeded his teacher, Msgr. Hebbelynck, as head of the theology department and eventually as rector of the university. Both his dissertation and …

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Draguet, Rene (1896-1980)

DRAGUET, RENE (1896-1980) Belgian theologian. He was ordained a priest in 1919, became a professor of fundamental theology at Louvain in 1927, and succeeded J.-B. Chabot as editor of the Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium series in 1948. During his thirty-two-year tenure as editor, more than three hundred volumes of the series appeared. In 1960 he …

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