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Mark The Simple, Saint

MARK THE SIMPLE, SAINT (feast day: 10 Hatur). The story of Mark who simulated madness is among the perhaps legendary stories of DANIEL OF SCETIS (sixth century). There are versions in several languages of the Christian Near East: in Greek, which seems to be the original (Clugnet, 1900; Clugnet, 1901); in Armenian in the editions …

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MARTYROLOGY The Historia ecclesiastica of Eusebius contains important information on the persecutions of Christians in Egypt (which here always includes Alexandria) and on Egyptian martyrs. Special importance attaches to those passages in which he quotes from the writings of eyewitnesses or is himself giving a report as an eyewitness. In Book VI.41-42, Eusebius gives an …

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Ethiopian Monasticism

ETHIOPIAN MONASTICISM Perhaps the most important aspect of Ethiopian Christianity is its monasticism. Introduced into the country probably at the time when Christianity itself was first preached, its centers, the monasteries, have set the rule of conduct for the domestic and foreign policy of the Christian kingdom up to the twentieth century. The monks were …

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Dayr Ebifania

DAYR EBIFANIA The SYNAXARION of the Copts, in its recension from Lower Egypt, indicates that the patriarch PETER IV, thirty-fourth patriarch of Alexandria, lived in this Monastery of the Epiphany after his election because of political and religious circumstances. The monastery, it is said, was situated to the south of that of ENATON, in the …

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