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Saint Alexandra

SAINT ALEXANDRA A fourth-century recluse (feast day: 7 Amshir). The account of Saint Alexandra is given by the recension of the Copto-Arabic SYNAXARION of Upper Egypt (Basset, 1916, pp. 801ff.; Forget, 1954, p. 453 [text]; 1953, p. 480 [trans.]), but this passage is only a translation of Chapter 5 of the Historia lausiaca by PALLADIUS …

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Saint Anastasia

SAINT ANASTASIA (feast day, 26 Tubah), sixth-century founder of a monastery. The story of Saint Anastasia is transmitted by the Lower Egyptian recension of the Copto-Arabic SYNAXARION (Basset, 1916, p. 703; Forget, 1954, p. 234 [text]; 1953, p. 414 [trans.]) and by the tale of DANIEL HEGUMENOS of SCETIS (Wadi al-Natrun), in which it occupies …

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Abbot Anastasius

Abbot ANASTASIUS Anastasius is said to have been the abbot of a Pachomian monastery, probably that of PBOW. His period is not indicated, but he is the author of several stories, one of which, relating to the adventures of a Nubian prince, Qafri, has been retained in the recension of the Copto-Arabic SYNAXARION of the …

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Dayr Abu Musha

DAYR ABU MUSHA Al-MAQRIZI mentions a Dayr Musha (1853, Vol. 2, p. 507), which he places “outside ASYUT, to the south of this town, built in the name of Thomas, the apostle of India, in the middle of the gardens, near Rifah. In the days of the Nile [flood] one can reach it only by …

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ZENOBIOS An archimandrite and a man of great culture. He wrote in the period of Nestorius in Greek. The secretary of Apa SHENUTE and a physician, he became archimandrite on the death of BESA (Kuhn, p. 38). He founded a convent of nuns in the land of Akhmim. He was buried in the monastery where …

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