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Bani Suef - Coptic Wiki

Bani Suef

Spoken Coptic Language

SPOKEN COPTIC LANGUAGE Coptic was the spoken language of ancient Egypt until the ARAB CONQUEST OF EGYPT in the seventh century. It was recorded first in the hieroglyphic (sacred) script, the earliest form of Egyptian pictorial writing, and succeeded by the hieratic (priestly), which was the simplified running script, and the demotic (from “demos,” meaning …

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Butrus Al-Sidmanti

BUTRUS AL-SIDMANTI A monastic writer in Arabic during the eleventh century. But<rus came from the village ofSidmant in the district of Bani Suef. The village is known as Sidmant al-Jabal; E. AMÉLINEAU records it as Posotoment. The precise dates of birth and death of Butrus are unknown beyond the fact that he lived around the …

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CYRIL V The 112th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1874-1927). He was born at the village of Tizmant in Bani Suef Province, in 1824, and was known as Hanna al-Nasikh (the calligrapher) because of his beautiful handwriting. At the age of twenty he entered DAYR AL- BARAMUS in Wadi al-Natrun. He was elevated …

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AQFAHS A village to the southwest of the markaz (district) of al-Fashn on the left bank of the Nile about 25 miles (40 km) south of Bani Suef, celebrated as the birthplace of Julius of Aqfahs, biographer of the martyrs and himself a martyr (see MARTYRS, COPTIC). E. Amélineau (1893, pp. 56-58) fully established the …

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Theophilos I

THEOPHILOS I The Coptic archbishop of Jerusalem (1935-1945). He was born in 1893 in the village of al-Matahrah, Egypt. He joined the Monastery of Saint Antony (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS) in the Eastern Desert, becoming a monk in 1910 and adopting the name Butrus. In 1915 he was ordained and then appointed HEGUMENOS. After serving as …

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BUSH A town situated on the left bank of the Nile about 4 miles (7 km) north of Bani Suef. Nearby are the estates that supply the food for the monasteries of Saint Antony and Saint Paul (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS and DAYR ANBA BULA) near the Red Sea. These two estates appear to be relatively …

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