Taxation In Roman Egypt

TAXATION IN ROMAN EGYPT A leading authority on taxes and “liturgies” (unpaid obligations) in Roman Egypt summarized very aptly, “No ancient government and few modern ones have had a tax structure rivalling in intricacy that of Roman Egypt. There we confront a staggering array of charges and surcharges assessed upon the person, the land, occupations …

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Dioscorus Of Aphrodito

DIOSCORUS OF APHRODITO (c. 520-after 585), Jurist and poet. Born to Hellenized Coptic gentry in the Upper Egyptian town of Aphrodite (later spelled Aphrodito) in the Antaeopolite nome, Dioscorus received the classical education of his time and station plus training in the law and, presumably at Alexandria,   in philosophy (most likely under John Philoponus). He …

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