Armaniyus Habashi Shata al-Birmawi

Ethiopian Synaxarion

ETHIOPIAN SYNAXARION There are two reasons for an article on the Ethiopic Synaxarion to be in a Coptic encyclopedia: first, the Ethiopic Synaxarion contains historical notices about Egypt—for example, the patriarchs or the churches of Old Cairo, based on lost documents; and, second, the Egyptian edition of the Coptic SYNAXARION by the qummus ‘Abd al-Masih …

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Dayr Ebifania

DAYR EBIFANIA The SYNAXARION of the Copts, in its recension from Lower Egypt, indicates that the patriarch PETER IV, thirty-fourth patriarch of Alexandria, lived in this Monastery of the Epiphany after his election because of political and religious circumstances. The monastery, it is said, was situated to the south of that of ENATON, in the …

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