HOMOEANS A group forming the middle ground of the anti-Nicene and anti-Athanasian party in the last decade of the reign of Emperor Constantius II (337-361); their views came closest to those of the emperor. Under their leader, ACACIUS OF CAESAREA, they held that Christ was “like God.” They repudiated all reference to ousia (“substance”) in …

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EXOUCONTIANS One of the more extreme groups of Arianists that surfaced during the last five years of the reign of Constantius II, at the time of the third exile of ATHANASIUS (356-361). Socrates  Scholasticus’  Ecclesiastical  History,  (2.45),  written about 440, is the main source for information about this group of Arians. They asserted that the …

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Acacian Schism

ACACIAN SCHISM, rupture of communion between Rome and Constantinople in the period 484-519. Behind the dispute between the two sees lay issues concerning the relations of both with Alexandria and diverging attitudes toward the Council of CHALCEDON. The death of TIMOTHY II AELURUS (“the Cat”), the anti-Chalcedonian patriarch of Alexandria, failed to end the schism …

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