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Ragheb Moftah (1898-2001)

RAGHEB MOFTAH (1898-2001) A Musicologist, educator. He was born to a wealthy Coptic family on 21 December 1898 at Al-Faggala in Cairo. In 1991, he was sent to Germany to study agriculture at the University of Bonn, but his great passion was music. After his earning a bachelor’s degree in agronomics, he obtained degrees in …

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Dayr Apa Phoibammon

DAYR APA PHOIBAMMON History The monastery of Phoibammon is situated between MADINAT HABU and Armant, at the end of a narrow wadi ending in a circular cliff about 80 feet (25 m) high. It was excavated in 1947 and 1948 by Charles Bachatly, secretary-general of the SOCIETY OF COPTIC ARCHAEOLOGY. Graffiti on the cliff face …

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VICTOR The abbot of the Enaton, listed in the SYNAXARION as the author of two “histories of monks” at 7 Tubah (recension from Upper Egypt) and 14 Tubah (recension from Lower Egypt). He is probably the author of the narratives of monastic history celebrated in the Middle Ages, from which the author(s) of the two …

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Archives Of Papas

ARCHIVES OF PAPAS Papas, son of Liberius, was pagarch of Apollonos Ano (Idfu) from 703 to 714. The dossier of the correspondence sent to him, consisting of more than 100 Greek and a smaller number of Coptic (but no Arabic) documents, was found in 1921-1922 in a jar west of the southwest pylon of the …

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ARCHIVES There were already archives in Egypt in the pre-Christian period, according to Helck (1975). In Christian times, too, there were official and semiofficial Greek archives: those of soldiers, priests, manual workers, and other private individuals. An attempt to reassemble such archives was announced by Heichelheim in 1932. In these archives documents were preserved, in …

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General Ya‘Qub (1745-1801)

GENERAL YA‘QUB (1745-1801) Financial commissioner, then military leader, a mu‘allim become a general, Ya‘qub died young, and we have little information about his remarkable career. His role is thus debated: collaborator in the French occupation of Egypt, or pioneer of national independence? His contemporary al-Jabarti— who was a member of the diwan that collaborated with …

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Khizanah (Arabic)

KHIZANAH (Arabic) A storeroom or warehouse. In Egyptian monastery architecture it also has the meaning of a hiding place. In some sources the same hiding place is called in modern Arabic makhba’. They are to be found in almost all monasteries, and in part probably also served as archives. Their main function was, however, as …

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Roger Rémondon (1923-1971)

ROGER RÉMONDON (1923-1971) A French papyrologist and historian. His specialties were Greek papyrology, with Coptic and Arabic on the side, and the history of Greco-Roman Egypt, especially Christian and Byzantine Egypt, with particular attention to economic, social, fiscal, military, administrative, and ecclesiastical questions. His works include “L’Acte de cautionnement byzantin P. Varsov. 30” (Chronique d’Egypte …

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