apocryphal gospels

Gospel Of Thomas

GOSPEL OF THOMAS An apocryphal gospel of Gnostic origin, possibly from the late second century. The most “popular” of the Coptic texts of the NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY (II. 2), the Gospel of Thomas has been translated into several languages and circulated widely in learned circles among specialists both in Gnosticism and in New Testament studies, …

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De Lacy Evans O’leary (1872-1957)

DE LACY EVANS O’LEARY (1872-1957) A British Coptologist. He was a lecturer at Bristol University and published a number of Coptic liturgical manuscripts, including The Coptic Theotokia (London, 1923), Fragmentary Coptic Hymns from the Wadi n’Natrun (London, 1924), and The Difnar (Antipho-narium) of the Coptic Church (2 vols., London, 1926-1928); The Arabic Life of St. …

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Egerton Gospel

EGERTON GOSPEL The most important of the papyrus fragments of apocryphal gospels because of its early date, its extent, and the character of the text; acquired by the British Library in 1934. It consists of two leaves of a papyrus codex together with a small fragment. Both leaves are incomplete, but in many lines, the …

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