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Apa Johannes

Saint John Colobos

SAINT JOHN COLOBOS Coptic Tradition John Colobos, the Little or the Dwarf (fourth and fifth centuries), is one of the most striking figures among the desert fathers. He is known principally from the APOPHTHEGMATA PATRUM and from a Life in the form of a panegyric composed by Zacharias, the bishop of Sakha, at the end …

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Ayn Murrah

AYN MURRAH The site of ‘Ayn Murrah, which means “bitter spring,” is not marked on any map, and is known only from references in books. It is to the northeast of Baris, halfway from the summit of the plateau, and hence in the region of the hermitages of the JABAL TAFNIIS, with which, however, it …

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