Labib Habachi (1906-1984)

LABIB HABACHI (1906-1984) A renowned Egyptologist, he was born in Mansura where he was educated at the Coptic School. He studied Egyptology at Fouad I (later Cairo) University. In 1927, he visited the monasteries of Wadi al-Natrun, the Monastery of St. Antony, and the Monastery of St. Paul, and published, with Zaki Tawadrus, a book …

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Pahor Labib (1905-1994)

PAHOR LABIB (1905-1994) Director of the Coptic Museum, educator. He was born in Cairo. His father was Iqladiyus Labib, who used to speak only Coptic with his family. He studied Egyptology at Cairo University and obtained his PhD from the University of Friedrich Wilhelms, Berlin, in 1934. He was appointed lecturer in the Institute of …

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Uhanna Sheftishi

YUHANNA SHEFTISHI An 18th-19th-century priest and scholar. He was born in Cairo. He served as an interpreter, adjudicator for tax collection, and main recorder at the Tribunal of Commerce under the French administration following the Campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt (1798-1801). He was appointed a colonel in the Coptic legion, which General Ya‘qub had …

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