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WATUS A Coptic chanting term, one of the two leading melody types in the music of the Coptic church. This melody type (lahn watus) receives its name from the opening words of the Thursday THEOTOKIA, which begins, “Pibatos . . .” (“The bush that Moses saw in the desert”). If the day is one of …

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Consecration Of Bishop

CONSECRATION OF BISHOP In the event of a bishopric becoming vacant as a result of the death of its bishop or for other reasons, a successor is nominated by the clergy and congregation, and his name is submitted to the patriarch, together with a testimonial called a deed of election. The patriarch refers this testimonial …

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Basil The Great

BASIL THE GREAT The archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia (330-379). Basil supported the tradition of ATHANASIUS in continuing the defense of orthodoxy against ARIANISM, particularly in Asia Minor. He was an active theologian, but was able to connect theological work with ascetic practice. Basil’s background and education were Hellenistic. The descendant of a rich and …

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ANAMNESIS A word of Greek origin meaning remembrance, memorial, or commemoration, and as such part of the liturgy for the Eucharist. Greek versions of the scriptures use the word to translate various forms of the Hebrew root zkr, which in Arabic is pronounced dhikr. The text of the anamnesis reminds the faithful of the Lord’s …

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Anaphora Of Saint Basil

ANAPHORA OF SAINT BASIL Anaphora normally used in the Coptic church, and one of the three retained in Coptic service books when others were abandoned in the Middle Ages. The expression “Anaphora of Saint Basil” is used to designate either (1) that anaphora within its strict limits (from the dialogue introducing the eucharistic prayer to …

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Anaphora Of Saint Cyril

ANAPHORA OF SAINT CYRIL The most typically Egyptian of the three anaphoras retained in the euchologion of the Coptic church. It is basically the same as the anaphoric part of the Greek Liturgy of Saint Mark that was formerly used in the Melchite church of Alexandria. Although it is regularly called the Anaphora of Saint …

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Anaphora Of Saint Gregory

ANAPHORA OF SAINT GREGORY One of the three anaphoras retained by the Coptic church in its service books. In the manuscript tradition, followed by modern printed editions, the anaphora in the strict sense (from the beginning of the eucharistic prayer to the doxology before the fraction and Lord’s Prayer) is supplemented by certain prayers preceding …

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Ordination Of Priest

ORDINATION OF PRIEST When a person is chosen as a candidate for the priesthood, a document testifying to the candidate’s aptitude and good character is drawn up by the clergy, deacons, and people of the church to be presented to the bishop. If he is not already a deacon, he must be ordained reader and …

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Lent Great Lent, as distinct from the little fast that precedes the feast of the Nativity, is observed in commemoration of the forty-day fast of the Lord Jesus Christ (Mt. 4:2; Lk. 4:2), after which the church observes Holy Week in memory of Christ’s passion. Lent has been observed by the church ever since the …

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