Martyrs, Coptic

MARTYRS, COPTIC The souls recognized in Egypt who suffered persecution and died for their faith. The majority of martyrs belong to the period of Roman persecutions from the time of Nero in the mid-first century to the time of Diocletian in the early fourth century. It is, of course, impossible to assemble the names of …

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ISNA The Arabic name of a city in Upper Egypt that was known in Greek as Latopolis and in Coptic as cne or cn/ (Sne). The city is situated on the west bank of the Nile some 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Luxor in the province of Qina. Isna has a long and rich …

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Desert Fathers

DESERT FATHERS An expression describing the first anchorites. It was first used by one of the first “reporters” of these practitioners of the “flight to the desert,” PALLADIUS himself. In fact, he twice, at least in explicit terms, used a form of this phrase to designate those who chose to live in the desert. The …

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