Ammonius Of Kellia

AMMONIUS OF KELLIA A disciple, with his three brothers, of PAMBO, the celebrated monk of NITRIA (Palladius, 1904, chap. 11, pp. 32-33). Because he and his brothers were of great stature, they were nicknamed “the tall brothers” (Socrates, 1964, 6.7, 684 D). They were distinguished not only by their stature but also by their learning. …

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Coptic Saints

COPTIC SAINTS Holy men and women recognized in Egypt who died peacefully, as distinguished from MARTYRS, also saints, who met a violent end. The saints continued to reflect their faith throughout their lives, leaving behind them information that could help posterity record their labors for Christianity. Any listing of saints is an infinitesimal fraction of …

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Desert Fathers

DESERT FATHERS An expression describing the first anchorites. It was first used by one of the first “reporters” of these practitioners of the “flight to the desert,” PALLADIUS himself. In fact, he twice, at least in explicit terms, used a form of this phrase to designate those who chose to live in the desert. The …

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