Alexandrian patriarchate

Gnosticism In Egypt

GNOSTICISM IN EGYPT The term “Gnosticism” was first coined in the 17th century to refer to an early Christian heresy described by the Church Father Irenaeus of Lyon in his five volumes Against Heresies (ca. 185). Historians of religions use the term to refer to a religion that probably developed around the turn of the …

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THEOTOKOS A greek term meaning “God-bearer.” This title of the Virgin Mary was used by Greek and especially Alexandrian church fathers and writers from ORIGEN on and perhaps even by Hippolytus of Rome. In any case, CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA (c. 110-c. 220) used the expression Marias tes metros tou kyriou (Mary the Mother of the …

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DUMYAT A city in the northeastern part of the Nile Delta just west of Lake al-Manzalah. Dumyat was the seat of a bishop at least as early as 431 when Bishop Herakleides of Tamiathis/ Dumyat took part in the First Council of EPHESUS (Munier, 1943, p. 17). In 459 Bishop Elpidios of Tamiathis signed the …

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